Export to CSV doesn't work as it should


I want to export sales and design data to CSV.
So, I select the “from” and “to” date. Everything is loaded on screen and according to the screen you need 2 pages to display the data. All fine. If I press the 2 on navigation, it shows all data.

If you select “export to csv”, you would expect that it would export all data from the “from and to” date into one CSV file. That would be pretty logical. But, it doesn’t. Because it only saves the data from the page that you are on. So if you are on page 2 and press “export to CSV” it only saves that data, instead of saving the data from page one and two.

Obviously this is super annoying, because the only reason you want to export something is when you have a lot of data and want to use filters on it.

Is this a bug or a feature? And can it please be fixed, so that it saves the CSV file containing all the data that is selected in the “from till the to” range.

Heya, yes this is an issue that is well known and we’re working on it. Improvements on the statistics and exporting them are definitely in the works. Not a week goes by without someone bringing his up :sweat_smile:

Yes, this is unexpected behaviour, even if that is the current functionality. As far as I know, there are some technical reasons for this though as to how the data can be pulled & exported. I’ll see if I can get a more detailed reply for you.

Thanks, hope it gets solved soon and that you’ll have some more info.

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Alright, I got a little update & background info for you regarding this: when we released the new statistics page last year, introducing it this way was basically a “low hanging fruit”, a first step which was easy to implement within the timeframe and scope. It was however already a big improvement to how it was before.

To export larger amounts of data at once, we have to do some significant adjustments on our Backend, which requires more planning, manpower and of course - time.

However…! Now to the update: fixing that in the backend is still planned for this quarter, so this should be taken care of in the next month.

So, normally you will be able to export your statistics in larger amounts very soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update @Sara! That’s great news! Will you leave a note here or will it be communicated through other channels when it’s fixed?

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I’ll definitely let you know here, but I’ll have to double-check if we’re planning on including it in the newsletter :slight_smile:

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Hey heyyyyy, this was finally released today! Go check your account :slight_smile:

I still can’t export to CSV. It actually exports but when downloading it shows “error:problem in server”. I tried with Chrome and MS Edge :frowning:

Hi @The_World_Gone_Crazy, right now I can´t reproduce this error. Would you please try again today and could you please attache a screenshot of the shown error message? Thank you.