Facebook Catalog Feed not grouping


I have followed the video guide to import my product feed to Facebook catalog.

I have some 50 designs and selected many of the products for each design.
It results in some 17 000 products in facebook cataloge and it is not grouping correctly.
What do I need to get them to group correctly?

I get a few errors too.

  1. IDs are not unique, I see 5 items in the error report.
  2. I can see in the feed that item_group_ID is present but somehow facebook does not group on it.
  3. It says 39 items have too long title Max 65 chars, I can only find 5 in the error report.
  4. additional_image_link is missing on 5 items

I can share the errors_for_feed_upload_2019-11-20 09_58.csv if you’d like.

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