Final Url "Thanks for your Shopping" Adwords conversions - Analitycs

Final Url “Thanks for your Shopping” Adwords conversions - Analitycs
I would like to know The Final Url´s and url´s key events (Thanks for your shopping, add to basket, etc…) of my Spreadshops to configure Adwords Conversion with Analitycs. Cause looks like that is not possible introduce the conversion code directly. So we need configure the objetives of sales from analitycs. How can we do this) Help Please!

Hi there,

I provided an update on the adwords tracking integration. Could you check if this solved also this problem?
If not, let us know and we take a closer look.



did you manage it? I have the same problem.
Please help.

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To get this right…
you want to observe the performance of your Adwords / Google Ads Campaigns in Google Analytics.

If you have connected both already, you shoud see a graph at the bottom of your GA overview:
“What is the performance of your Google Ads campaigns?” This one lists Klicks, Costs and Revenue.

If I totally get you wrong, I am sorry.
Here´s a help article that is describing the issue of forwarding events from Ads to Analytics and in reverse:

you got it right but there are also other options in google Analytics under
like Zielvorhaben (I have the german version)
in order to create it and also other good options like Trichter… where I can later see the full way
like putting some shirts or other stuff in the basket, to chose payment terms, and the final page
like thank you for purchase…

do you know what I mean?

aye. I see…
Are you running a super-customized shop or why are you interested in the funnels, a customer is going within your shop ( in this detailed way)

In my personal point of view it does not bring any benefits, as you are not able to influence the journey, without rebuilding the shop experience from scratch.
Let me know!

no probs it was recommended to me by a friend who is very skilled in this topic instead of me :smiley:
I thought I will do correct

thanks anywhay for your prompt reply, you provide good service :wink:

Yes, usually in an perfect e-commerce world, observing the click paths does make sense.
Your friend therefore is right. :slight_smile:
In case of the Spreadshop the customer journey has been tested and developed (and tested again) to optimize conversions.

For example the FB Pixel is already coming with a detailed event overview like “Page View”, “Add to cart” & “Purchase” Maybe you`ll give it a try first.

But in case, some Ads Professionals are reading this, feel free to help out with any tips regarding the set up of conversion goals & funnels :wink:

the customer journey is fine with me :slight_smile:

i saw that FB is providing such info
google analytics aswell even better because every user is able to optimeze it like he wants…
but anyway I am happy with this info as well
it is more than enough :slight_smile:

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setting up micro (add to cart, initiate checkout etc.) and macro objectives (purchases) is a great way to optimize google ads campaigns

@Thomas_Spreadshop do you know if any Google Tag Manager integration would be available soon? It would be the perfect way to track different interactions within shops

I´ve heard similar requests in the US Forum as well.
But to be honest, we don´t see this coming, as the current options are not used by a wider audience.
There´s only “a few” people using the FB Pixel or GA Integration of the Shop. Therefore it doesn’t make that much sense for us, to add another under-used feature. Even if the few professional users would love to see it coming.
Sad but true.

Ps. I am not so familiar with the Tag Manager at this point, yet. If you like to, you could post a Use Case and describe your requirements. This would make it easier for me to discuss it with the Developer Team.

I’m sorry but I need to call you out on the nonsense post you gave above @Thomas_Spreadshop.
As @Fast_Lane_Tees rightly mentioned, giving people the ability to track each step their customers are taking to a goal is the foundation of being data driven and data driven marketing.
Especially if one is paying for traffic one needs to know how that traffic or segments are converting. What you are in essence saying here is that you don’t care if your shop owners are trying to be data driven and optimize their costs, you want them to only have their shops as hobbies and not as real businesses running on your platform.
That is such a pity, since I was looking for the url info for the spreadshirt checkout process to set up my automated marketing system and analyics properly but what I found are a whole lot of dead-end threads like this one.

The fact that you say there are only “a few” shop owners who use the fb pixel and GA integration is the exact reason you should build it out and educate your shop owners on how to optimize their traffic and ads. That would be a win-win. Right now your shop owners are losing money and you are winning on volume (but losing on the potential gains from a better equiped userbase).

You are saying that there is a segment of your userbase that is primed to provide you with qualified traffic + remarketing and data driven capabilities but they are of no interest to you!

That is a shame, I really liked your service and product quality and was getting ready to ramp up my data driven efforts. Hence my obvious frustration.
Good thing I found this out now before I started throwing money into a black hole.
I’ll be looking for a new dropshipping provider now unless you can show me that you actually care about data and your shop-owners who are throwing away more money than they should be.

I’m not interested in a wishy-washy response please. Give us the url steps needed to set up ecommerce goals as well as enhanced ecommerce in GA since that is the tool that the majority of your users use.

For all you other data driven shop owners out there, what other services give a good product and delivery service but do care about enabling data for power users?


Please, do not actively imply any ignorance into my comments. I am more than willing to specify the requiremets and discuss them with our developers. I know about the flaws and good points of our product and I am really curious when it comes to exchanging experiences between Shop Owners of different professionalism levels.
Again and this is important:
We are willing to offer support and we are willing to develop our product to be easily & successfully maintainable.
But we can not educate users to become marketing professionals from scratch.
Of course, there are some users out there, with a deeper knowledge of online marketing in general, that know how to create funnels, analyze conversoin steps and how to do retargeting, but this ammount -to be honest- is very small.

Real talk:
If you want us to provide an extended tracking solution, please stop blaming and start actively creating and exact user story with me:

  1. Which problem do you want to solve?
  2. What is missing from your current tracking data?
  3. How could a best case solution look like?
  4. What do you want to achieve?
  5. What is optional?
  6. Why is it important to you?

I´d be glad to work on a solution together with all of you @realmobile & @Fast_Lane_Tees , @Just_S_Design

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Hi @Thomas_Spreadshop , thank you for engaging. Lets see where this goes :slight_smile:

Teaching does not neccessarily mean you have to create all new content by yourself if that is not your forté.
You can also link people to resources that help the shop owners, like this one:
It is a slightly old link but explains what needs to be done for the power users to enable them to create Goals and track enhanced ecommerce behaviour and transactions in their GA accounts.

Real Talk:

  1. Which problem do you want to solve?
    Tracking customer behaviour and purchases in order to optimise landing pages and traffic that sends our customers to our spreadshirt shops for them to transact for fullfillment.

  2. What is missing from your current tracking data?
    The specific url’s that a visitor must visit for each stage of the checkout up to and including payment confirmation page. Additionally the transaction id’s/ product id’s/interaction events etc for products that get purchased in ones shop.

  3. How could a best case solution look like?
    A plugin or configuration page that provides all url and event info which allows a shop owner to enable Goals and send all enhanced ecommerce events to their Google Analytics.

  4. What do you want to achieve?
    Optimise my landing pages, traffic and customer segments that I as a shop owner work hard to obtain and send to my shop/ products on your platform. In other words I want to optimise my conversion rate.

  5. What is optional?
    For me, not much is optional when it comes to tracking all indicators of my customer’s behaviour through their shopping experience.

  6. Why is it important to you?
    As a shop owner, if I’m running my shop for profit or charity, I need to know and understand what efforts I am making to promote my products on your platform are yielding results so I can optimise them , reduce my cost and cut out behaviours that take time and resources but yield no value.

Real and clear enough for you? :wink:

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@Thomas_Spreadshop is on holidays until mid of this week and will get back to you Thursday :slight_smile:

I´ve noted your feedback already and I’ll be working on a detailed requirement description.

just one thing in between…
by using the E-commerce “Shopping Behavior” page in GA I found it quite simple to create
Ad performance overviews and/or segmenting along the offered journey steps.
If it may be paid traffic, users with transactions, bounced users etc…
Doesnt that solve some of your wishes?

Segmented Performance for paid traffic:

Examples for available segmentations: