Fixing a vector/svg file

Hey guys,

i’m at a loss. I always have trouble uploading SVG files. Mostly because i design pretty complicated drawings. At first i always assumed the problem was i have to narrow points or to small spaces. But with my latest drawing, i just tried to cut it up or cover it up to see what area might be the issue. I discovered i can have a lot smaller spaces/gaps than i thought.

What is your guys process or way of checking what is wrong with the SVG file ? I thought i was pretty good with Adobe Illustrator after 20 years, but i still don’t seem to be able to figure out how to get this to work.

I have a script that detects paths smaller than “X” and i tried detecting gaps with live paint (and releasing the live paint), but nothing seems to fix it.

This is the full drawing:

and this is the drawing with a black box over it, that covers the problem area, this SVG works:

Any help and advice for future projects would be appreciated, of course i have read the spreadshirt documentation about vector files. :slight_smile:

Ahoy @Vieke ,

I have looked at your two sample files. The details are just way too small. Each flex print has to be screened and fixed manually - by hand - by a staff member. Every small detail that does not belong to the design is removed individually. That is simply impossible with so many very small details as in your graphic.
You not only have to observe the minimum line width, but also the minimum size for negative areas. These must not be too small either. In the example design, the thin contour lines between the two faces and the fine strokes on the chin and nose are too small. There are also some other problematic parts in your design.
Why don’t you just upload such great designs as PNG files? Then you won’t have any problems.
Of course you can’t change the colours afterwards in your Partnerarea, but you could simply upload 2 versions - one in white and one in black. With pixel graphics, everything with minimum sizes of details is obsolete.

I hope I could help you.

Greetings Rico

Hey Rico,

Thank you for taking the time to look at it !
I understand what you are saying, but i still don’t understand what the difference is between the center area and the other detailed spots that do get approved. Is it because it’s too much hard parts close to each other ?

I ordered it with a PNG as you suggested. I would rather have them as flex because of the quality, i’m not thrilled with the dtg quality of spreadshirt tbh, after a couple of washes, it fades pretty hard, even when i follow the washing instructions excactly

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to look at this and explain it to me ! its a big help.

For the marketplace, almost everything is printed in DD anyway - no matter if it is a pixelfile or a vectorfile. The customer has no possibility to convert marketplace products to flex print. They only have the option in the Create Your Own Area. And you as a partner also have no option in the partner area to specify that the design is printed in flex print.
Converting to PNG therefore makes sense and the argument for flexprint is obsolete.

Best Rico

Owh, but i don’t sell it on the marketplace. I just order these for myself :slight_smile:

Ah ok - so you are talking ybout the Create Your Own Area?
Then it makes sense to use flexprint. But as mentioned the details are way to small. And sometimes the system also misses areas that normaly should be rejected - so its hard to compare when the system passes an area and when it refuses.
By making your designs more minimalistic and avoiding too small details, you avoid the problem. or you can switch to DD printing by uploading a pixel file.