Getting Started

I am new at this and I really don’t understand how it works. Is there anyone who would like to take a few minutes to show me the basics?

Hi… try this video for a quick start

We are not designers and want to use designs that are already on the Spreadshirt website.
But I don’t see that option anywhere.
Also, we have our own webshop already and want to put these products on our website but also, don’t see that option.

Ahoy @User_EU-d306447f,

If you want to sell - you definatly need your own content. You are not allowed to use the content/designs of other partners.

For all shop related questions please contact our colleagues from the shop-forum:

can people buy if I haven’t provided payment information yet?
Can I first test that if anyone is even interested buying
and if theres a sale give the payment details then

Hey @Uniquestuff,

The answer is YES - customers already can buy your creations even if ou haven’t provided your payment information. The Income of those orders will be credited in your account and you’ll get it with the next payout if you entered all neccessary information.