Google site tag and Event snippet


Fairly simple question (I think!).
Can I put the google site tag, event snippet etc into the “Edit Shop Header HTML” box under Advanced Shop Settings? I can put them in but the real question is do they actually work and will I be able to set up a google smart shopping campaign?


Hey there,

fairly easy to answer :slight_smile:
If you are running a standalone shop (not embedded into a website) you only need to enter your Google Analytics Property-ID into the Web Analytics section at the Shop Admin
That’s all it needs to enable GA tracking for the shop.

If your shop is embedded into a website, you´ll need to paste the js. tag into the website’s header as described + enter the GA property into your Shop Admin

Hello Thomas,
Unfortunately, that’s not the answer I’m looking for. This is not about Google Analytics, it is about setting up a google smart shopping campaign. I have sent a new message going into detail about the issue. Please can you or someone else, look into it ASAP and respond. I have seen a few people in this forum posting about similar issues but not really getting a solution so I am concerned about this and thinking about setting my website up with a different company (again!). Very, very, frustrating!

Since both, Google Ads and Google Analytics offer a site tag I might have missed that you are speaking about Ads.

We are currently looking into adding a Google Ads Tag integration, as we believe it is a more precice tracking option. But until then you will have to use the Analytics integration, which enables a basic tracking too.