Hat logos bigger

How can I make the logos for the hats bigger than the standard size? I try to manually change these with the customized tool but it does not seem to reflect in the store.


Ahoy @User_NA-36b067f3,

what do you mean by “change the size in the customize tool”? You need to scale the design within your partnerarea in the design-section to change the placement and sice on the products in your store.
Maybe I just got you wrong. You could make some screenshots to make it clear.

Best Rico

If I used the customized tool to make it bigger how can I get it to “stick” versus having the people buying the merch having to adjust the size each time?

I know how to make it bigger each time but I want to set and forget!

Ahoy @User_NA-36b067f3

If the customer uses the Design-Tool within your shop he has to scale and adjust the design anyway.
I didnt found hats in your product assortment that you offer in your shop - there were just caps.
So you could just add hats within your partnerarea and scale your design to the desired sice you want to offer. Thats it!