How does the fan-art program work?

How do I know which franchies is part of the program? Can I just make some fanart and give it a go? Is there some guidlines somewhere?

Ahoy @Nova-natura,

you should have received an email about the fanart programme. Currently the fanart programme with SmileyWorld is closed. We are no longer accepting submissions. As soon as the next fanart programme starts, you will receive an email from us.
How will the process be?: You will first receive an email with a form in which you confirm that you comply with the requirements of the licensor. As soon as this has been signed and checked, you can then create and submit designs in accordance with the specifications. These will then be checked. Only designs that the licensor finds OK end up on our marketplace. Everything else will be rejected.
It therefore makes no sense to simply create something on your own, especially as this increases your rejection rate, which in turn can lead to you being placed in the Lost in Space starclass. So I advise you not to create designs that you think are fanart.

I hope I was able to help you.
Greetings Rico