How long will it take for them to approve my design

i’ve been waiting for ages and my design still isn’t approved.

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Normally it takes 4 working days (except Saturday and Sunday).
When you upload a design, don’t edit anything (tags, description, product groups) after the first editing. Just wait until your design is approved, then edit what you want. :slight_smile:


Or Upload, Edit, Create, whatever you want, then wait till approved - don’t edit until approved then. :slight_smile:


Hi Jamie,
Sorry to leave you hanging with your question - we’re a little low on manpower this week.

There’s some delay currently and yes, editing the metadata of your designs can further increase the delay. It’s an issue we are working on.

Thanks @Elailura & @lovetee for pitching in - this is what communities are for :wink:

Maybe this blog-post will also be helpful:

My designs have been pending for we’ll over a week!

Although we introduced the upload limit, there is still an amount of backlog we are working on to reduce it before getting back to normal. I know such waiting times are painful but your designs will be fully published very soon. Thanks for being so patient.

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Are you still working around a backlog? It’s been two weeks since I uploaded my first batch of work and still no sign of an approval for the marketplace. This is my first time using the platform and I can’t help but wonder if I’ve just done something wrong. Thanks.

Yes this is true there is still backlog. So normally it´ll take up to six working days to get approval for marketplace, right now.
If you maybe changed something in your meta data or pricing during this approval time, before the designs are published, this throws you back to the end of the queue and therefore there will be longer delays. You might need a little more patience. Sorry for the delay.

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Yes, two weeks since I made any changes I believe. Alright, good to know though! Thanks Alex.

I could have a look if you would give me a design ID. You can also PM me.

Alex, I just had a search for the IDs. Here’s a couple:


I notice in the additional information that it says "Last edited: 17 mars 2018 11:42:43"
But it says the exact same time for another ten or so pieces. Feel free to PM me if that’s
more appropriate. Thanks again!

I submitted my design on 07/26/2022 and there has been no change until now. Could someone please update?


If you are a starter it can take some days for the whole reviewing process. A time of 10 - 14 days is normal.

Hello, I posted my design on May 8th, 2023 I believe. It’s been 2 weeks (10 business days) and it is still in for review. I understand that I am new and it could take time but I was just wondering how much longer I am looking at?

Normally SPRD is within this time range, but it can also be up to four weeks. Sometimes even more, because they have a short supply of employees at the moment and more than a handful of work.
So I guess you have to wait a bit longer, till your designs are reviewed.

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