How to activate the printing plot on my shop?

How to activate the printing plot on my shop?

This was possible before and the results were very good.
Digital printing is of very poor quality on many products and I really wish to be able to use a sweatshirt as before please. The products cannot be sold with digital printing, the customers are not happy and there are too many complaints.

Thank you for your response, hoping that you will respond favorably because customer service by phone does not understand anything and no responses by email at partner@…

Ahoy @Vinsalow_Creations,

chosing the printing mehtod is not possible anymore as we decided to concentrate on Digital Direct and improve this printing mehtods. You will find further information here:

and here:

It is a very bad choice. I delete the shops because I do not want to have complaints for every second order. This is a very bad decision on your part, very bad …

I’m sorry if this decision is not favourable to your ideas.
But maybe you will reconsider your opinion, because even the changed conditions still offer enough potential to generate good sales. Furthermore, we attach great importance to the further development of Digital Direkt and therefore also to the quality.