How to delete marketplace

does anyone know how to remove marketplace or a empty shop i created by accident much appreciated

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What do you mean exactly? What’s your user ID?

Hi Sara, yes, the marketplace showroom “accidentaly” went online ! How do we remove that !

There should be a toggle you can switch of which deactivates your Marketplace Showroom entirely.

Hi Sara, thanks for your answer. I Don’t find that toggle !!??

I had a look at your account - it seems that your Marketplace is not active. Did you deactivate it or when you say “it went online” - do you mean that you see this:


Because that’s normal. It’s shown as an option to activate it but, you don’t have to. If you find that confusing, I’ll put the word forward to our UX designers :wink:

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Hi, sorry i can’t find the ‘Activate’ button. how do i delete the marketplace? Thanks

Hey @Teez_You while you are creating your products, you can choose your sales channel. Doing this you can determine where you want to sell Marketplace or Shop. You could also edit this later if you click on the the design. As far as I can see you have no products in you showroom so you don´t sell on the Marketplace. But you edited you showroom already with profile image and header :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,
Thanks for getting back to me.
I have put items on the marketplace but they do not show on the marketplace. That’s why I want to disable the marketplace. Is there a reason my designs are not showing on market place? Thanks

As far as I can see most of your designs are only published to your shop and not to the marketplace.

Can you give me design IDs of designs you said you published to the marketplace. I´ll check them and can find out what the problem might be.

Hi I accidentally opened up my marketplace but I just want to have the store only. Here is my user id for the marketplace so you can close it: user/303686537. Thank you.

Hi @User_EU-34c11022-4bf7-42bd-8a94-03b27b6dc7f9
You choose your point of sales/sales channel while creating products. You have the option to select Marketplace or Shop. This is not about deleting the Marketplace this is about you actively selecting your sales channel. I can not delete the Marketplace. Start uploading your designs and create some products. If you only select Shop as your sales channel you will not sell your designs on the marketplace only in your very own Shop.

Ok thank you for the help Alex.