How to disable shop url redirection from spreadshirt boutique

Hi there !

I never managed to get a decent layout with embedding my shop on my wordpress site (the layout was too narrow).

Now I want to link from my website to may spreadshirt shop, but it seems the redirection is still in place, and it loops back onto my website which does not have the Boutique page any longer, making it impossible to order items !!

Any idea where I can disable this url redirection in Spreadshirt, I’m quite confuse with the new look (okay, I did not connect since a while, but anyhoooo)

Thanks a lot !


my shop :
my website (link to the shop : Menu Link “Les Goodies”) :
shop id : 1087114

I’d like that when customer click on the menu “Les Goodies” from my website they are brought to my shop on spreadshirt website, withtout being redirected to my website.

How can I disable this redirection ? I haven’t found the settings

Hello Magalie!

It´s quite easy in your case.
You still have set a redirect within your Advanced Shop Settings Just go to Embedd Shop in Website and delete the filled in URL:

It´s probably takes some time for the cache to synchronize.