How to remove old/bad images from my upload library

I’m sure this is quite simple, but I have just missed something. How do I remove old/bad/incorrect images from my upload library? I have a bunch of unusable images that I want to clear in order to just leave the usable ones.

Btw, discovered a small anomaly this weekend: .ai images saved as most recent Illustrator version files are currently unrecognised as valid. Took me a fair while to realise I had to save as a previous version for them to work. Hence the bunch of unusable images I need to delete!

Hey @User_NA-0b6091b8,

currently it is not possible to delete these designs from the upload-library. But as there is no upload limit this issue has no priority ath the moment.
And yes we are still struggling with the newes illustrator fileformat. Therefore we reccomend to use the older ai-versions or an svg-file.

Ok, this was four years ago now… it don’t seem anything has happened??

I am new and I like to have order among my designs, if you can’t fix stuff like this in four years time why should I use you as my sales platform? Since I have just signed up I am wondering if you are a serious and reliable platform to sell on?

Hi Made_By_Ma,

Do you assume this problem hasn’t been resolved, or do you base this on your own experience?

:v:t3: Luc