I cant see my design in childrens clothings!

Hi all! Im new and from Sweden. I have made a design that was made for children but also for grown ups. I have put it on market in all kinds of kategorys but I cant find it on one singel childs clothing ?
Motive ID is 303458229 Named Cute little rabbit I dont know why it isnt showing??? Have I missed some setting some where?

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Hi @Popcorndesign,
for the Designs on Childrens clothing the checking process of the Designs takes longer. When did you publish the Design?


Ben from Spreadshirt

On a sidenote, one cat drawing was removed for children because the cat has a butthole, so this could be something in the same way :wink:

Last edeted 17/2 aha . Maybe it just takes time.

Ha ha ha, no but on mine.
Maby just some time needed.