I did not receive my full earnings

Why i did not receive my full earnings?
Why was my profit reduced?
Can someone help me please?
Thank you.

At spreadshirt.com?
Maybe withheld US tax?

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but I am not a U.S. citizen

Check your US account –> payment data & tax status
It seems like there was some kind of error the last days. Valid W-8BEN forms and non-US Tax IDs seemed to be deleted. Update your data and your next payment will be correct.
In March 2021 you should receive a 1042-S form. You can use it to get all wrongful withheld taxes of 2020 back. (in theory) :wink:
(These are only not binding comments by a layman.)

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I checked everything you said US account –> payment data & tax status and everything is correct :worried::worried::worried:

In this case unfortunately I also got no clue.
It’s better to wait until tomorrow and ask spreadshirt’s support directly.

Hi @PassionDesign please get in touch with our service. Thank you.

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how can i get in touch with your service PLS

I already asked my colleagues and I am waiting for their answer.

@Rico_Spreadshirt or I will come back to you as. Thank you for your patience.

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Alex thank you for your help .:kissing_smiling_eyes:

Ahoy @PassionDesign,

I answered you in the other thread. Send me the payoutmail you recieved and we will have a look on it.
Dont worry.