IDEA: sponsoring artists to level-up

Bonjour :slight_smile:

I have a feeling that allowing Star Class 4-5 to sponsor other members for “Relevant design” would be super-cool.

This work of curation would happen in the creations posted before Star Academy. Like a “Here Spreadshirt team, look at this design, it fits the technical requirements, is original (and owned by the member), and gives me good feels.”

There could be a weekly limit of 5 or 10 designs to recommend; the member profile would have to feature info, maybe the website of the artist…

How do you feel about that?

Or we could lure you into other Official Fan Art to make you understand why YOU want us for your Fan Art too :wink:


I will forward your idea to my colleagues responsible for the Star Academy :blush:

Even without an official process, we are happy to hear about designs that you find great! If you have a favourite spreadshirt artist that you think deserves more recognition, you can forward your favourite designs to

Please know, however, that we cannot promise that the recommendation will always result in a higher star class, and we may not always have the capacities to answer every such request.


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