Kleinteiliges Bild als DTF

Moin, ich würde gerne dieses Motiv mit DTF drucken lassen, will aber keine riesen Plastik-Platte vorne drauf. Das Bild hat ein paar Verläufe, da weiß ich, dass das damit nicht geht. Jetzt wollte ich es mit Dithering versuchen, bekomme aber nur PNGs gedithert und nicht mit Vector-Programmen. Hat jemand eine Idee wie ich das als DTF druckbar bekomme?

Hi there,

Shading can be made with little dots or stripes of colour to imply shading, in stead of a solid colour. But DTF is not very suitable for little pieces like that in the design. I think the only way to get close to this look with DTF is when there are hard transitions between light red and very dark red. It’s good to know the limitations of the technique you want to use for printing, before you start designing.

I’ve worked with DTF for 4 years, so I know it’s limits.

Good luck with this!


Hey, thank you very much! Yeah, I’ve tried to create the dots in illustrator, but it doesn’t work with this design as you mentioned. Do you have any tricks or ideas how to create those dots as vector shapes? I only managed to do it in photoshop, but couldn’t convert it into vector shapes without having a lagging programm with 100.000 anchor points.

There are plenty tutorials on YouTube about creating these ‘halftone’ dots in Illustrator for this purpose. But I believe the generated dots are not perfectly round (so more anchor points). These dots are pixel based but they can be ‘traced’ in Illustrator to make vector shapes. There are ways to manualy make the effect with perfectly round dots, but that is more work of course. And that still leaves you with the limitations of DTF (that can’t deal with too small parts).

The size of the smallest parts of your design dictates whether DTF is even an option, so always design for DTF in the size you think you will print. This way you can keep an eye on whether your smallest parts are too small or not.