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To think of a win/win approach, help others first then seek help. If you want to increase your traffic and get your blog noticed in 2020, leverage traffic from other bloggers. How can you do this? Here are 3 simple but still relevant ways to do it. Guest posting: guest blogging isn’t really dead. But you should think of guest posting as a way to build relationships, not backlinks. Then you will get everything you want, traffic, subscribers, money and even links. So India Phone Number List focus on writing great articles for others, gaining trust, building relationships, and driving traffic from their blogs. Link removal: link removal is nothing more than linking to other bloggers from your posts. It’s like linking to other people’s

Relevant posts to India Phone Number List provide a better experience for your blog readers. This strategy will also help you build good relationships with the people you always link to. Sooner or your posts, so start linking to other posts. Comments: every time you post an article, browse other blogs in your niche and start commenting. Commenting on other blogs is the surefire way to get your blog and website noticed in 2020 and beyond. This will not only give you traffic, but you can also improve your network and online reach. Read: blog India Phone Number List commenting guide: top 10 tips to get tons of blog comments in 2020keyword research now you are writing regular quality content. But wait, you need to know one more thing, keyword research. You will need to do a lot of research to find keywords that suit

Your niche, and then you can target each of those keywords in your unique articles. Suppose India Phone Number List you are writing seo content, then you will need to find popular seo related keywords and then target them in your post so that you can get huge traffic from search engines. You can use google keyword planner for this purpose as it is the best tool I have ever seen in my blogging career. Be sure to find and use commercial and informative keywords. Commercial keywords this tool will give a lot of information about the keywords so that you can select based on the competition and India Phone Number List drive targeted traffic. Now, what the hell is targeted traffic? Read it in the next paragraph. Traffic now, what about traffic? Need to drive lots of traffic to your blog? How? I think I already told you the way to generate traffic is by doing keyword