Limit amount of designs per shopowner in favor of quality

Hi all,

When browsing through designs with similar tags I came across a shop that had 167 pages of designs. That means at least 12.024 designs for 1 shopowner! And that must be one of many shopowners like that. Something I don’t like about Spreadshirt is the overall quality of designs on the marketplace. Trying to find a quality design you like is trying to find a needle in a haystack, with the amount of low quality designs Spreadshirt is already flooded with. It seems that shopowners can have an unlimited amount of designs that they can upload, and that means there is far more weight on quantity an far less weight on quality.

At the moment I have 92 designs online, which is not a large amout I think. I make new ones and delete some if I feel they don’t live up to my standards anymore. I go for quality in stead of quantity. But many shopowners make large series of low quality designs with slight alterations, just because they can.

Wouldn’t it be good to set limits for the amount of designs that can be uploaded by shopowners ? The more shops a shopowner has, the larger the amount of designs that can be uploaded. The higher your starclass rank, the more designs you can upload. I think this would benefit most shopowners as well as @Spreadshirt and it would definitly benefit the customers.

What are your thoughts about this?

:v: Luc

Spreadshirt has absolutely NO interest in increasing the quality of designs. All proposals of artists here have been ignored, all “campaigns” and “enhancements” proposed by SpreadShirt only achieved an increase of THEIR profits while taking it from the artists.

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@BerlinShirts4You I’ve had a shop here since 2009 and I have never ever bought a shirt from a different designer than myself on Spreadshirt. Because the marketplace is so full of low quality designs I don’t even try to find anything I like. It’s just a waste of time. I just design what I like and buy that sometimes. I have spent peanuts on Spreadshirt in all this time. If it’s true they really don’t care about quality, then they are pretty much saying “go spend your money elsewhere”. Which I already do …

Do some of you have shops on different platforms? Because when Spreadshirt ignores customers with taste, then it might be good to open a shop on a different platform as well.

I agree with you that there are many poor quality designs in the marketplace. But that doesn’t mean that there are only bad designs. If you put some effort into it, you can find a lot of great designs, but unfortunately the low-level designs are probably the majority.

The easiest way to improve the quality would be to raise the commissions appropriately or make them freely adjustable by the designers again. Nobody can afford to invest hours or days of work into a design, if it is then flogged for only a few Euros.

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@HerrFaulbaum Of course there are plenty of good designers hidden in the pile, but I just don’t have the patients to look for them. That’s why Spreadshirt should improve the customer experience. And Spreadshirt doesn’t even put shopnames in seach results, so they don’t make it easy to find shops you might like.

Even on the forum accounts have no links to their shops, so you can’t even check out what other designers you talk to make…

It’s a good thing I like the proces of designing, even when it takes a lot of time to complete a design. Challenging yourself makes you a better designer, so that’s why I don’t really go for the quick and easy designs. Hopefully that will pay out (better) some time :sweat_smile:

Edit: I would love a check box on Spreadshirt to show me certain star classes of designers.

The issue is that we CANNOT know the Standards used to rank designs, so you cannot get only 3* and 5* which have 5 pertinent designs, else you would try and copy them (response from Rico on another thread).
4* only need 100 sales even if the design is poor…

Lucky for us, it seems Redbubble has it worse, as newbies got ranked +++ but older account with more varied styles (like you would maybe change over 5 years) were stuck down below.