Missing link? Info about printing area measurements on each product?

On the old site of Spreadshirt there was a category about the exact printing area measurements on each product. Now I can’t find them anywhere. That was imo useful information for designers, is it gone to the proverbial gutter? Or is it hidden somewhere?:eyeglasses:


This forum seems not very lifely…ZZZZzzzzz

Hi there Patjila,
Sorry to leave you hanging - we’ve beena little low on the manpower on the forum moderator side.

I’m afraid this page does not exist anymore :thinking: :disappointed:

Thanks for your answer…shame it was really helpful to have the right measurements for every article.

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Surely even if the page is gone, you must have this information at hand somewhere?
Could you please post it, it makes life much easier.

Hey @User_EU-77e966bd,

due to the fact, that the printing areas are not carved in stone we can’t provide such a list beacuse it probably would be outdated quickly. But I can give you the current measurements of the printarea for a product. Just tell me for which product you need the information.