Misspelled words in designs

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Since I make mostly text based designs I have an eye for misspelled words in designs that I see on Spreadshirt. And I must say, there are a lot of misspelled words in designs. Some examples that I have seen in English designs today:

Id - In stead of I’d (aka I would)
Im - In stead of I’m (aka I am)
Were - In stead of We’re (aka We are)
Ledend - In stead of Legend
Queue - In stead of Cue (in billiard sports)
Billard - In stead of Billiard

I saw both ‘queue’ and ‘billard’ are real words in French and/or German, but in designs that are entirely in English (or they should have been) a lot of people use the wrong spelling. This means English speaking customers could order a product by mistake that has misspelled words in them. I think it’s very important as designers to really make an effort to check all of your spelling. Especially when English is not your mother language.

Of course there is creative freedom when it comes to using text, but these very subtle mistakes in most cases don’t belong on products, but they do slip by both designers as well as Spreadshirt. And I would say misspelled products make Spreadshirt and the designers look bad, so what are things that can be done about this?

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Report them.

Most likely it will be in accounts, that are spam accounts, or not serious accounts. Maybe it could be a translation error, or something else.
Most of the designers will be happy, that they get help because they didn’t see the mistake when publishing the design.

Happy hunting.

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Years back I suggested to add “typo” in the reporting options.
And I offered myself as a freelance French-checker (also because there were a lot of French puns that were not OK with the guidelines).

“Queue” means “tail” and “dick”, BTW :wink:

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Hi Jörn,

I do report them. Because those misspelled designs take up valuable space that could be used for good designs. English is not my mother language either, so when I design my prints I check every word that I’m not certain about the spelling.

I assume that software could be an option if @Spreadshirt does think it’s important to rule out misspelled designs. Uploaded designs could be screened automaticly to check if they contain text. And if they do, a quick human check could pick out misspelled designs.

It’s both a blessing and a curse that anybody can upload designs. I feel like my designs stand out in terms of quality, but try finding them in a sea of mediocre and misspelled designs and designs that use irrelevant tags…

:v: Luc

Hi idjy,

I now flag misspelled designs under the ‘other’ option and copy-paste a sentence about the reason in the box below. I copy-paste because you usualy find many designs with the same shortcoming.

:v: Luc


Does it work?

Unfortunately, there’re also numerous designs with incorrect punctuation. An example of this is the term „Rock ’n’ Roll“.
For example, on the marketplace you can find the following variants:

  • Rock ’n Roll
  • Rock n Roll
  • Rock n’ Roll

I reported several incorrect versions, but none of them has been removed.
It’s annoying.

Apart from that, there’re countless variants using quotation marks in all kinds. As far as I know, apostrophes are used correctly.

@HerrFaulbaum Since the word ‘and’ in Rock and Roll has two letters missing in all your examples I am personally not too bothered about any of those three examples. I guess I’m not the most fanatic “grammar nazi” :yum:

I’ve flagged too many to look back on. The last 12 designs that are visable as ‘last items seen’ on the bottom of the page are still there, so I’m not sure if they will be taken down. Whether this has to do with Spreadshirt being low on staff or them not being bothered about the typo’s I don’t know…

Could we get a point of view from @Spreadshirt about misspelled (English) words in designs?
That way we’ll know what kind of issues we can flag succesfully.

It’s been kind of quiet with Spreadshirt replies lately. Is everybody enjoying their holidays? :wink:

Hi @brandnewdesigns You are right! Many of us enjoyed a bit of summer, but now we are back at the starting line!

Please excuse the silence in the forum.

If you see typos in designs, you can always report them! Sometimes they are unfortunately intentional design choices, but mostly really typos.

Unfortunately, typos cannot be detected in the image recognition programme, which is why some are checked incorrectly here more often. Of course we are working on making them as rare as possible.

We are very grateful for such an attentive community and are very happy when you report designs that are incorrect.

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