Model photos in shop

Although I’ve picked the model photos option in my shop, it is now only showing the product photos. Is it just me or have the model photos been removed? Thanks!

We are currently having problems with loading times of model images. The result is that model iamges take forever to load, slowing down the entire shop. We therefore decided to switch off the model images until the loading times have gottten better and this bug has been resolved. Thanks for your understanding in making your shop as quick as possible.

Thanks for your quick reply. That’s a real shame as I think the model images do a much better job of showing off the designs/products, but that’s no good if it’s taking too long to load. Hopefully you’ll find a resolution soon. Thanks!

Of course. No worries. It’s just a question of time until they come back :slight_smile:

We are working on the issue and hope that you’ll be seeing model images in your shop in the next few days. But the problem seems to be a larger issue affecting our entire platform (not only our shops) and therefore it might take longer. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

The model photos are activated again! Woop!

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I just found this model photo option. It’s a great feature! But do I have to choose all the 13 models to get model photos for all products? Because now I have chosen only 5 models from the list, and get model photos only for men & women hoodies, not for example t-shirts. Or maybe this just takes time to take an effect on all products…? I changed to model photos 24 hours ago. I wouldn’t like to choose all the 13 models as I think the shop looks better when there’s only a few different model faces.

Oh, and by the way, what are these:

Can I use these, too? And if so, how?

Hey there!
we´re glad you like the feature, though model images are currently only available for certain product types. Means, classic shirts don´t come with a model but the premium Shirt does.
We will definately try to improve this in the future.

And YES, of course. These are stardard blank photos you can use for your website, banners or anything shop related.

If you use any marketing or social channel feel free to use Their service is great for any kind of promotional material.

I have checked to show models (all of them) in one of my shops, but some products still show as just products even though there are model photos available.


This should be a caching issue. Or do you have a link where this is still happening?

Some products like that contrast hoodie and the unisex hoodie have small unclickable model photos further down on the product page. Other products like the trucker cap and the apron have clickable model photos directly below the main product pic.

Yeah these are still old model photos (we used to show them before in the shop) that are step by step being replaced by the new clickable model images :slight_smile: