Multiple layers for one design

Hi all, new here and after speaking to customer service I have been told to come to the forum to find out about something that actually I think is the biggest flaw on Spreadshirt ! not being able to add 2 or more layers on top of one side of a t-shirt ! If I want to add my logo and a design on the front of the t-shirt I currently have to work out in photoshop/designer how it will all look once on Spreadshirt… back and forth until it all fits !!! excruciatingly painful, time consuming and old school when others like Teespring, just to name the one, can do it ! To make matters worse, if a random customer decides to create their own t-shirt from the front page THEY CAN DO IT !! they can multiple layers but we can’t ! its really stopping me from launching my line of Merch until this is resolved, or IF it gets resolved otherwise will use another website that makes designing much easier ! it is beyond me how it is implemented in the customers section but not on the marketplace !

I read somewhere on here that is something they are working on and would be release during the first quarter but its now march and nothing has been released. I would understand if they were starting from scratch but THE CODE IS THERE ! in the customers order section and it works… copy paste ?? I know it probably isn’t that simple but you get the drift here ! Its very frustrating as a creator, as a youtuber, as a full time traveller who hasn’t got that much time to work m ore than needed on things that should technically make our life easier.

Please Please Please Pretty please let us know when the option will be available because as of now everything is on hold for me and might use a competitor if the issue is not resolved shortly.

Thank you

They were working on and have released (yesterday) the possibility to add designs to multiple print-areas. The feature of being able to add multiple designs to the same area is still missing.

I am also interested in this topic. As I remember it it was possible in the old Spreadshirt to have multiple designs in the same area. Can maybe someone with an old account verify this?

it would make so much sense ! being able to scale adjust each element on the product rather than time consuming “trial an error” back and forth between software and website, multiple files being created, confusing everything ! I just don’t get it ! its available for customers so why is it not for us…

Adding multiple designs within ONE print area is not a feature that will be coming anytime soon. As you already noticed you don’t create products individually like on the Marketplace but you create multiple products at the same time. This is a huge time saver but this also means that having several designs within one print area and creating automatically products with these designs on many differently-sized print areas is extremely complex. Adding this feature is an edge case that is currently not worth the complexity.

Yet it is one that many users are demanding ! It would only be a case of having it enabled on certain products in the same way you have enabled designs on various areas for clothing !

Even simpler let us create a product in the customer section and instead of checking out let us save in our design area where it will only be for that product ! Work with me here, trying to come up with solutions !

I see the way the designs are applied to every single one of your products is a powerful tool indeed but who wants to have their design on every single item you do ?!! If anything it’s more of a showcase of what you can have us sell our items on rather than the practical side ! Let the creators decide what they want their design printed on rather than having to DESELECT THE WHOLE LIST every time… just food for thought, something to think about as the way you are imposing the artist is VERY time consuming since all designs have to be remade for every product and it’s not a matter of seconds or minutes…

In the meantime it would be very handy if you could provide me with the size of your template for T-shirt’s so I can actually work on embedding design and logo into one png. I currently design everything at 4000x4000px in 300DPI but what is the correct size to get a 1:1 ratio for the T-shirt’s ?

Thank you

We save your product preferences for your fesigns when you upload new designs.
When it comes to print area sizes, the differ from product to product. Moreover, we are currently adapting our print areas: