New feature idea: Design software mention

I saw this ad and it made me genuinely scared, back to school when you were judged (or praised) for cheating because parents helped with the homework.
Sure, besides this, whatever I make save taking photos looks like crap.

Could Spreadshirt implement a new field in the design section to choose the Design software? (maybe put another field for “secondary software” or “source image” so people who redraw from AI-generated can say it)

Sure, people could always input random things… But I’d like people to know I’m on Adobe Creative Suite CS4 (I have a CD-Rom and I know how to use it!).
It would be cool for statistics too.


AI designs are definitely a big topic for us as well.

Adding this information seems to be quite a popular request, and I will forward it to the responsible team. Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot say, whether we will be able to implement it.

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