New members: introduce yourself!

Heya & welcome to the forum! Let’s get to know each others a little, no?

Please introduce yourself to the other members :slight_smile:

I’ll go first:

  • I’m Sara
  • I’m from Finland but I live in Leipzig
  • I’m a Spreadshop specialist :spreadshop:
  • In my freetime, I’m an italo disco singer and a craft enthusiast

Now you go :wink:


Hi guys,

I am Arie a.k.a. AJ and I am from Holland and I am 45yo.

I run a webshop for biker t-shirts --> but untill now only a small player in the t-shirt business. Therefor I also have a normal job. I work in a shelter for homeless and drugaddicted people for 32hrs a week. A great job, but ofcourse I hope to grow with my webshop and become independent.

I guess it’s not a surprise that I love motorcycles, especially Harley-Davidson. That’s why my shoptheme is “biker”.

I also used to be in the Navy for 11 years. Also a great time, because I’ve seen a lot of the world. However… Finland is one of the few countries I haven’t seen yet! Sorry Sara! :wink:



Whoa, fancy picture! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

A pretty demanding job you have! Makes my job really sound like a piece of cake :cake: :sweat_smile:

And well hey, you haven’t been to Finland… but maybe it doesn’t even exist! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hi All

Moto here (Mark ) Biker , Rock DJ on Hard Rock Hell Radio and software solutions consultant
Also . lover of all things Harley

Looking at travelling to Black forest later in the year on the bike from the UK

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Hi I’m JJ! In college right now studying film and video. I’m working on some tshirt designs that reflect my art and hula hooping! I am a hula hoop artist and love to hoopdance in my spare time

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Both those motorcycles look bomb :heart_eyes:

Welcome to our forum :star_struck:

Good morning to the community.
My name is Silvio.
I am a young 69 year old.
I retired before my company went bankrupt.
I’m passionate about designing t-shirts.
I am committed to creating a business to leave to my grandchildren.

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Welcome to our forum Silvio.
That sounds really awesome.
We wish you the greatest success on our platform and above all a lot of fun.

You could sell your designs on on our marketplace but you could also open a shop. Eitherway if you got questions this is your place to go :slight_smile:

Salut! Salut! je suis Gaetano investisseur dans la cryptomonnaie je passe plus mon temps sur internet et négocie les marchés instantanément, j’aime la musique et le sport.

Hi there, I’m Ashley from the UK and I run the Savalas Seed merch site.
Savalas Seed are a recording artist who specialise in the rock genre of music.
I am the lead singer, who also has an interest in design and marketing.
Still pretty new to the concept and learning and finding my way as I go!
All the best to all other creatives!
Peace, love and rock and roll!!! :peace_symbol::heart::metal:
Please check out our Facebook site if you’d like to hear our music and see what we’re about, we would love to network with anyone with similar interests!
Kind regards,

Ahoy and welcome to our forum Ashley,

Let me know if I can help you on your journey. Feel free to ask every question and to share your thoughts and wishes here.

i wish you good luck and success on our platform.
Best Rico

Thank you so much Rico!
I’m sure to find myself in difficulties somewhere along down the road, so it’s nice to know that someone has my back!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1::sunglasses:
Kind regards,

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