New products not active in shops

Hi. I can’t seem to add new products directly into my shop - the design and product options aren’t there. I can create new products in the ‘Show all’ tab and then add them to the shop, but they aren’t showing up in my shop. This is the old partner area. Is there a problem? Thanks!

Hey Bonny_Graphics,

can you specify which of your shops is affected? Do you have an example product?
So I could try on my own.

Otherwise I´d blame it on the system cache that might take some time to synchronize.

It is all of the shops. image This is an example with the Bonny Graphics shop - no design or product options.

This is with no shop selected. image The product, design and text options are back.

I have made some products using the Show all option and have then added them to my shop, but they aren’t showing up on the shop page although I added them yesterday. I know marketplace items take a while to appear, but usually shop products appear very quickly. An example of one of the products I’ve added that doesn’t show up is product id 518014401-0 - not sure if that’s any help.

Ah. Now I got it! :slight_smile: thanks for the screenshots. This made it easier to follow up your steps.
It is intendet to only create products through the “Show All” Tab. I can only guess that this is the reason, why the creation features (upload design, choose product, add text) are taken off from the designer when beeing inside the Shop tab.

I have followed your described steps and could not confirm a delayed appearence of recently created products.
I also found your product 518014401 in the Show All tab.You can see it is successfully added to your BonnyGraphics Shop

and then found it within the Shop itself:

So maybe it´s a cacheing issue. Can you try again?

But the product isn’t showing in the shop here, and I made other products in the shop area 2 days ago so is new that it isn’t working. I’m happy to make products in the show all area but I don’t want to wait for days for them to appear.


I too have issues with new products not showing up in my actual shop. It was also after experiencing same issues with the designer as described by OP.

At first I thought the missing products was the usual cache delay, but now still, one day later none of the products have appeared. I can see and manage them in my views though. I hope the info provided below will help locating the issue and solve the issue for all who experience this.

Affected shop and products in my case:


@Bonny_Graphics & @Jiiniasu
This is indeed not an intented behaviour. I have forwarded the issue to our developers and I am waiting on their insights for this.
Thanks for reporting!

We´ve had some kind of a bottleneck within our databases that caused a lack in synchronization.
Please check if it´s now working for your products.

By browsing your shops, the mentioned examples have been listed already!

Hi Thomas. Yes, the products are now in and I created a new one just to check and it’s appeared straight into my shop. I still can’t create new products directly in the shop, but it doesn’t matter as long as I can add them in quickly. Thanks for your help!

when we have finished upgrading legacy user accounts to the new user area, these issues will be a thing of the past :crossed_fingers:

Sorry for the circumstances!