No more promo code for shop promotions from October 9th 2019 onwards

In case you’ve missed this important info:

"The discount will be added to the shopping cart at the click of a button. From now on, your customers can redeem promos without entering a voucher code. For you this means that you no longer need to mention a code when placing ads and advertising your shop promotions.

This innovation is the first step in an exciting direction for Spreadshop to take in the next year to come! Shop Owners like yourself will get more control over the promotions in your shop."

I missed it… how was this communicated to partners?

Newsletter, blog, forum and it was (when the blogpost was published) also visible for quite some time on the dashboard of your partner area.

Hello Lena

i have been asking this to the support email team as well, but it might be interesting for others here in the forum.

Is it, that free standard shipping only applies for domestic shipping? In our shop the free shipping will get deactivated as soon as a international shipping address has been added. It works tho with a domestic shipping address.

Thank you

No, this isn’t correct: It works for every standard shipping in every country. I’ve just tested it and it works fine (for example from your European shop you can order something while living in the US and not pay for standard shipping). Can you please let me know more details or attach a screenshot? Thank you.

Hello Lena

here you can see a screencast showing the problem:

Hi there,
There was indeed a bug - it’s been fixed and will work now without any issues from the next Free Shipping Promotion onwards.

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Dear Lena

thank you for your kind help and for solving the issue. I have been in touch with Frank from the Helpdesk, but as it seems he did not understood what i was trying to explain :slight_smile: Maybe you can inform him that it has been solved?

A “problem” for me is, that i had orders from customers in my shop which i offered as free shipping regarding the Spreadshirt promotion announcement. Unfortunately as the system had a Bug i had to pay for the shipping costs and lost that money.

Any way we can sort this out? You can also contact me trough email if this should not be discussed here :slight_smile:

Thank you Lena and have a great day.


Let me get back to you tomorrow :slight_smile:

Can you please write to Frank again with the Order IDs where the shipping was not deducted during the promotion time. We’ll find a solution. He’s now aware of what happened exactly :slight_smile: Thanks!