Not suitable for children and baby’s

Some of my designs aren’t approved for children and baby’s… however they are specially made for this group… others designs in the same range are approved without problem. (Non of these designs are translated at the moment - still in Dutch)

ID: 62654b73be727060c1ed5ee2
ID: 62654b73be727060c1ed5e6d
ID: 62654b73be727060c1ed5e40

Is this because I used a certain word in the metadata? @Rico_Spreadshirt ?

Ahoy @StefRingoot,

that is not the case. Your designs were not rejected for kids but kids porducts in general will only be online after the full review process of each design. So kids- and babies products are just excluded from the instant publishing. After your designs got checked - all kids and babies products will be available.
This is to avoid instant publishing of critical designs on baby-products for example.

So no need to worry - everything is allright.

Best Rico