Ordering large amount t-shirts


If I order a large amount of t-shirts for an event I want to organise, let’s say… 100 men and 50 women t-shirts, both sides printed…

  1. how long will it take before i receive my order
  2. how much is the shippingcost to the Netherlands for large amounts.
  3. if I order several sizes, can you seperate the different sizes in the package?

Would you use the same prints for all the men’s items? What about womens?

If yes, I’d recommend asking for a quote from our bulk department:

For the delivery time & the shipping costs & separating between sizes, I’m afraid I have no idea!

Same print for men and women

I will check the link you gave me… however I need one answer very quickly to share with the team who organise that event. How long will it take to receive the order. (approximatelly)

It depends on a variety of factors, but I’d guess something like 14 days, if fulfilling the order doesn’t require anything extra special! :smiley:

That answer is good enough for me! Thank you Sara :wink: