Payment keeps returning

I have a problem extracting my balance knowing that my PayPal info are all correct and I received payments in that same account before, plus account info gets deleted on payday everytime even when payment is received.
My second problem is that crediting new sells takes too long sometimes more than a month.
I hope you can help me with these problems.
Thank You in Advance.


The same problems :anguished: :anguished: :anguished:


same for me


I have forwarded your questions and hope to be able to answer them soon.

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One question: Did you get a payoutmail?
@Bob04, @online_mart, @moon_light_store


Yes I got it ,and I have the proof .

yes i got it too

@Rico_Spreadshirt solution ?

Hey all,

I finaly got an answer:
Unfortunatly there was a bug with the last payout. Instead of one payout process the system started 3 but only the first one went right. The other 2 were rolled back: all affected partners will be handled with the next regular payout.

@Bob04: You weren’t on the first payout. Maybe you entered your data on the same day the payout was? The system got your data a litte to late. Please check your data again and also if all fields are filled - you will get the payout with the next regular payout process.

@moon_light_store: Same for you: Unfortunatly you also weren’t in the first payout process. So please check all your data again so that the next regular payout will go smoothly.

@online_mart: you were in the first process. The money was transfered last Thursday, so it should be in your account. Please let me know if this is correct, but also if it is still missing.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience

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Yes thats true, I entred my data on the same day of the payout because the system delete it in payout day so I have to rewrite it again . This problem happens to me every time lately and sometimes I receive the payout and sometimes not .

@Rico_Spreadshirt yes I received my payment, thank you for the help. But deleted account info is a problem of every payday not just the last one sometimes I have to rewrite my info twice in one payday, I hope you can help us with that too.
Thank you.

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@Rico_Spreadshirt solution please .

As already mentioned - you will get the credit with the next payaout if you have entered your data before.
But I will also forward the issue with the lost bank details to the colleagues.

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Hey @Bob04, @online_mart and @moon_light_store,

have you ever entered your TIN in your Partnerarea? Because it seems that there was never entered one. So maybe this is the issue right here? You need to enter your paypal-account AND a valid TIN-number. Otherwise the paypaldata will be deleted.

To enter your TIN you need to open the “Payment data & tax status” tab directly below the “payment data” tab where you entered your pypal-account. I made a screenshot for you.

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@Rico_Spreadshirt Well , I dont know how to get the TIN-NUMBER but I’m really afraid that my country (Algeria) does not have a tax advisor .
What would you suggest for me to get the TIN NUMBER if it is easy to get ?
and thank you .

Hey @Bob04

I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. I’m sure there must be a TIN for Algeria too.