PHP API : broken designs endpoint?

I’ve recently written a custom API script in PHP to display some of our shop information on our website, which worked really nice; thanks for providing such an API ! All my code is based on the provided samples, which also seem to be broken.

So since a month or so, your API has seemingly changed and my script doesn’t work anymore.
The issue is at the “designs” endpoint : Designs - API - Spreadshirt Developer Network
The docs say that the method must be GET, which used to work, but now your API returns HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed-00001. Same result with the provided samples (see link above).

The returned headers say that methods OPTIONS and POST are allowed. Changing the method to POST, your API complains about an invalid signature which is documented nowhere : API key or signature invalid.

So my first question is : Could you please fix either the documentation or the API ?
And my second question : What changes are needed to the sample scripts to get them working again ?

Ahoy @User_EU-18b7dde9,

this forum is focused on the marketplace. So pleas use the shopforum for all shop related questions. You will find it here:

Best Rico

Thanks, sorry for the confusion.