Problem changing default font in Spreadshop

I hope somebody can help with this, because it’s driving me crazy.

Before recent changes to the spreadshop system, my store used a custom font (Raleway) which I was able to select via the settings panel in the back end.

This has now changed without me doing anything and instead of looking as it is displayed in the preview (picture A) it displays with a really ugly default font (picture B):

Can anybody advise where I can find the setting to change this font or suggest what is causing this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Oh nooo, a yucky default font :frowning: I get it though, serif fonts rarely look great online.

What’s your shop ID / can you share the link to your shop? I imagine you’ve embedded the shop into a website?

If that’s indeed the case: it’s a font definition issue. You’ll have to define a font in your CSS - right now the shop is only “obeying” the font defined in the embedded site. I’m guessing their default setting is exactly that yucky serif font.

unfortunately i’m having the same issue, I used to be able to embed custom google font in my shop through the custom html/css back end of the shop, but then some months ago you guys did some change that had it automatically removed and still prevents me fro redoing it, please re-enable letting us embed fonts from google fonts! thanks!

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What’s the homepage you’ve embedded your shop in?

You’ll be able to embed Google fonts in your shop within the next two months. Nevertheless the issue you’re referring to might be caused by CSS on your own homepage so if you want me to check please let me know your homepage URL.

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Personally, I’m using this CSS (directly in my SpreadShop) and it works great!

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
  font-family: "Montserrat";

I think some fonts works, like Montserrat for example. Yucky isn’t a valid Google font.
Perhaps… try to find a similar font?
Good luck :wink: