Problems ai uploads


When I upload my ai. file to the shop it doesn’t look like it should. It seems like artwork is to small in one side of the canvas. The optimized version only uses 2 colors instead of 6.

When I upload the same artwork with png there is no problems.

There are 2 solutions I get the ai file right or I use png.

My questions:

Is the end result lower quality in the end product?
What do I do wrong in the ai version? (I use legacy cs5 files and the canvas is the recommended size.

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The question is do you want that your customers can modify your design in color then you need the ai/svg files if you don’t want changes then png is absolutely fine. Go for at least 300dpi in print resolution and you are safe.

And there is also a glitch with ai because they require an older version of the file.

Maybe that can solve your problem.

Thank you for your answer :smile:

It was very helpful

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