Problems with rejected designs

I’m currently having problems with several designs.

Few days ago a a couple designs got rejected (Rights unaccounted for)
I wrote an email to the spreadshirt team and assured them, that I created these designs myself.
After reviewing my Designs, they changed the reason to “Wrong Name/Keywords”.

I understand, that some tags might be very loose, but why rejecting it immediately? There should be a “put on hold feature”, so I can at least delete unnecessary keywords.
When I replied that I want to delete these unrelated Keywords, I haven’t heard back from them.

My second problem is more recent. 3 of my designs got rejected, because I referenced to Fortnite.
There is nothing, that infringes copyright, just some inside jokes from Fortnite.

So how come my designs supposedly are an issue and all the other Fortnite Designs (some of them very questionable when it comes to copyright) are not?

They use fake reasons to delete designs, then let “others” put the same ones.

There is no “On-Hold-Feature” right now, but its a requested feature :slight_smile:
You could upload the designs again with cleaned keywords and descriptions, if you like.

Maybe you used a copyrighted word in keyword, title or description?

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No, the legal service is there to protect you. If you are sure, the designs/descriptions contain no copyright infringements and meet printing requirements, then please contact legal@ or design@ so they can deep check them.
The crazy guys and girls at legal- and design-service are human, so sometimes human errors occur :slight_smile:

I contacted them several times.
All of my designs were text only. No copyright infringement, no use of EPICs intelectual property.

Just a reference to Fortnite.

Maybe you used a copyrighted word in keyword, title or description?

Maybe. I used “Fortnit e” instead “Fortnit” like others.

But if it is a keyword issue, I don’t even have the chance to change them after they rejected it. I have to reupload and hope for the best and reuploading takes times, even if you partially automate it.

I got also the exact same rejection reason “wrong name/keywords”.
Its just ridiculous! They’ve rejected over 200 of my designs by now and sometimes they even change the reason after reuploading designs to “design series”, while the designs covered totally different niches and looked different.

Only got that problem on Spreadshirt.COM until now and will probably stop uploading any designs there…
Absolutely no help from the service via mail ( They just answer with C&P and then ignore you.

I dont think thats the propper way to treat business partners…

I’m so disappointed :frowning:

I confirm they lie to delete designs. And when they are not rejected, spreadshirt put others before on the marketplace, even advertise them Google Adwords.

This is a fact.

As said, a problem with keywords is not a valid reason to delete designs and destroy the work needed to create products with what is one of the worst uploader of the market.

Now spreadshirt is the last site i put designs to.

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Hi @skwal777 I am sorry to hear that but our rejection reasons serve a purpose.

As @lovetee already said they also protect you and you are also free to upload the design again once you cleared all suspiciouse tags.

And I think you are mixing up things here. Once your design is approved for the marketplace it is not automatically advertised or ranked or listed on the first pages. And it lies in our decision which design we advertise. We invest a lot of time, effort and money in that and we are not advertising every design that is on our marketplace.

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You are paid for the time you spend at work, we are not.
When you delete dozens of designs, you destroy hours of work, SEO and marketplace ranking.

It looks like you’re making things complicated for designers on purpose, compared to your competitors…

I don’t expect all my designs to be promoted. I’m saying that you’re promoting copies of my designs, often made by the same shady accounts.

Google: “j’peux pas j’ai tpmp”

The first result is one of these bootleg accounts, which also seems allowed to use trademarks, celebrity pictures, lists of designs… saturating every niches, creating unfair competition.

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Alright now I understand. Please if you find suspicious designs that are copied from your account please contact my colleagues at

Please explain them your case in detail also with proof (your designs vs. copied designs) that they can comprehend.
Also make sure your designs meet the requirements in terms of
file specifications (cropped correctly etc.), copyright violations and propper tagging.

Who do you use to sell with now? I’m having real problems I had an image I hand drew rejected for copyright, I previously uploaded in a different size and they were fine with it. I complained through email but I’m at the point of giving up to be honest.

Hey @User_EU-97562efe,

are you sure about the rejection reason? Because there are several reasons a design could be rejected - not every reason is because of copyright. In your case it sounds more like a quality reason for rejection.

I’m sorry that you feel unfairly treated. I’m sure that’s not our concern or the concern of your colleagues.
But I ask you to seriously consider the reasons for rejection. For example, if I read that fortnit is used instead of fortnite in the tags and people are still wondering why the design is rejected, then my understanding for these partners is limited. It is obvious that a reference to fortnite should be made - no matter in which spelling.