Rejecting motives: reason quality of motive

Hi. Maybe someone smarter can give me some suggestions because I’m running out of steam. My projects keep getting rejected and the reason from the checkers is ‘ the quality of the theme’.
I don’t know anymore what I’m doing wrong that this is happening but their reason for rejecting projects is too vague.
I’m counting on your help because I don’t know what to do anymore.

Hi Medzdi,

An example of one of those rejected designs would give us more clues to what the reason could be.

There are some guidelines to producing usable designs and those guidelines differ depending on the technique you want to use for your design.

Hi Medzdi,

there are a lot of color gradients in your example that could cause a hell of a problem for printing.
Try to reduce the number of colors fading into one another or try to convert them into vector transitions.

Maybe have a look at the help/guidelines for creating designs for printing.


Please contact the legal team for all questions about rejections. We can’t answer these questions in the forum.

Write an email to:

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