Resizing motifs

Hi… just trying to create a new T shirt but for some reason cannot resize the images within the designer. Is this a bug or is this no longer a feature?/

Hi @ChilliFox, this is a bug. Is this happening with all of your designs or with one design specifically. Do you have a design ID with which I could try to reproduce the problem you are seeing? Thanks for getting back to me and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Lena,

It’s all of the designs … I’ve only just noticed as was uploading a new design but every design has same issue :frowning:

Hi @ChilliFox

I just created ProductID-ArticleID 518170025-0 under the “Show All” Tab and was able to resize the design to the biggest size possible.
Or are you creating products in your chillifox-Shop Tab?

Can you let me know a ProductID-ArticleID where you have problems so that I can try it out myself? Which browser are you using?

I’ve tried chrome, edge and opera. I’ve tried several different designs and there doesn’t seem to be a difference - using show all. The product you created is the latest design that I can’t put on the marketplace yet until I can get some decent size print :slight_smile: I wonder if it’s because I use a tablet and stylus but not had an issue before :frowning:

The tablet might well be a reason. What kind of tablet are you using?

Surface pro 4

Thanks - let me check with our developers asap!

@ChilliFox I just received a reply. We were able to reproduce the error. Seems like the touch actions in the designer are somehow broken. It does however work with a mouse. So, in the meantime - while we’re trying to figure out the exact problem and finding a solution - the solution is to use a mouse for resizing the designs.

Moreover, I have a question: since when do you use Surface? Did you just start to use it?

I’ve used a Surface for many years now… definitely not a new thing :slight_smile:

No mouse though so guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait for the bug fix :smiley:

any news on this bug?

Hi @ChilliFox,

Unfortunately I don’t have good news for you. This bug will not be resolved. The solution is to use a mouse. I’m sorry that this has worked for you for years, but from now on resizing the motifs will only work with your mouse.
This problem should dissapear once you’ll be migrated to the partner area (since you are still a legacy user area partner) this summer. Until then I think you’ll have to invest in a mouse. Really sorry that I can’t give you a more positive answer.

Ok… shame to also learn that the migration to new area still isn’t imminent too…

You’ll hear about the detailed plans very soon. We’re getting there :slight_smile:

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Hi Lena, Just wondered if this resizing bug is also on the customer create tool… it seems to be as well… is this a windows touchscreen issue across the board - works ok on android? Obviously a different prospect from our accounts…

Let me check