Right of use Spreadshirt model pictures for promotion

Good morning

Is it allowed to use pictures of models with our designs as an advertisment in other media - as Facebook or Instagram? I would like to promote my shirts there nad posibility of use already prepared pictures would be an advantage.

Hi huzamoo,

A quote from the Spreadshirt Flickr account (that has pictures for that purpose): “These pictures are available for Spreadshirt sellers only. They can be used to design and market your Spreadshirt shop or profile. If you use these pics please indicate the source: Spreadshirt”.

:v:t3: Luc

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In your shop settings⇾ marketing ⇾ social media sharing, you can also generate promotional pictures with our models :blush:

They are already in the formats that you would need for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Thank you Guys!
I have to check it and see how it works.
I am starting and learning in the same time.
Hopefully successfully :wink:

And what about leads that would be used for Showroom?
Is it also possible to generate promotional pictures?
I do not see too much settings for Showroom :face_with_monocle:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to customise the showroom beyond its banner and the information about you and your account.

In the marketplace, it is the customer who can choose which products are displayed, through the filters, or whether they prefer to see the designs or the products.