Selling designs from a different Spreadshirt designer/shop

Hi everybody,

I’ve been wondering about something. Some years ago I would get fees from sales of designs of mine that other shops had in their digital store. It was possible to sell designs that you didn’t own. The original Spreadshirt designer would get a fee, as well as the ‘other shop’ that decided to sell that design in their shop.

The last time I got such a fee was in may 2019 but I’ve never read any news about that possibility being ditched. So of course I’m curious about the reason why I haven’t seen those fees anymore. Has Spreadshirt ended that possibility or are there simply no shops anymore that sell any of my designs?

I hope somebody has more info about this.


Never heard of that before? This is possible? Or was possible? Interesting…

I’ve looked back a bit further and I found more than 30 of those sales between 2013 and 2019. So it was possible for quite some time.

Unfortunately this option has been cancelled by Spreadshirt long time ago. :frowning_face:

Was there any communication about this? I’d like to know why they cancelled it.

It boosted my sales, so it’s a shame we’ve lost the option…

unfortunately there is nothing to expect from spreadshirt, the designer is nothing at all in their eyes and certainly not a partner, as he tries to make us believe…

I made a few sales through other shops this year. They seem to still be there.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think the deactivation of this function came with the switch to the new user area.

If sales were still being generated via other shops afterwards, this can only be the case if the other shop has integrated the CYO area, which contains all designs. However, it is no longer possible for other shops to take over individual designs from you (as far as I know).