Shirt and design colors great on screen, actual product not so much

Hi! Recently my brother ordered one of my designs on the blue triblend hoodie and the print was barely visible. It looks great on screen though. The design was all black. Not sure what options are available to avoid this in the future. Fortunately it was my brother but if it was any other customer I would have potentially lost them. Any recommendations?

Hey @User_NA-996d8782,

I will forward this issue to our colleagues and give you the feedback as soon as possible.

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Hey @User_NA-996d8782,

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I passed the question on and the answer is this: The contrast of the hoody to the black design is still reasonable and the color representation is also correct.
Generally the contrast on the screen is always higher than in print and we have some products on the list that don’t work with black designs. Unfortunately this product is not included and there is not enough customer feedback yet. I’m sorry I can’t give you another answer.