:spreadshop: Shop Owners: What the Migration Means for You

This is where you can discuss and ask questions about everything shop specific that is related to the migration of our partner from the legacy user area to the upgraded Partner Area:

Why does UK blog link on main site go to the Polish language version? :smiley:

Are the designs being deleted if they were published before 2016 and haven’t sold? I’d be annoyed to lose designs recently uploaded because they haven’t managed to find their way due to tine it takes to get increased ratings.

If you have a Shop, then all designs in your shops will be mirgated if at least one design from that shop has sold since 1.1.2016.

Of course, all your designs that you have published since 1.1.2016 will be migrated :slight_smile:

We had to publish other language blogposts on our EU/UK blog as well since we don’t have a Polish Blog for example :slight_smile:

Ok cool… am grabbing what i can of older designs… some may return but some will retire forever :smiley:

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I have some old brands in my account that fit the criteria of no sales since 01-01-2016 what will happen to those shop names when those shop are not migrated? Will they be available for another user to register? Or will they still be associated with my account?

These shop names will not be associated to your account and will therefore be available for other users to use unless you create them again in your new partner area.

In calendar week 32 the migration continues. We’ll keep you informed in detail here and also in the red info box that you can see in your user area.

There’s a new update to the timeline:

.net is being migrated right now and should be finished by the end of the day.

.co.uk will be migrated sometime next week. We’ll keep you posted in the red box in the Legacy User Area.

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Just seen new user area… looks amazing and has many useful tools! Great!

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Yeay! Really happy to hear you like it. Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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