Sleeve printing


I am having issues customizing a men’s premium longsleeve. Here’s the problem: It is possible to put text on a sleeve, but whenever I try to upload a file to put on the sleeve, It says it can’t place It in the area. It says I need to select a different design or a different printing area. I tried a lot of sizes but it just doesn’t work! How can I fix this? what is the size of the printing area on the sleeves? Can this problem even be solved or is it just not possible to put your own design on a sleeve?

You need to upload a vector file to be able to print on the men’s premium longsleeve:
You need a vector file because we are currently only able to print in flex print: on this product. We will hopefully soon be able to print digitally on this sleeve with this product :slight_smile:
Should you have any more specific questions regarding your design you can contact

Is digital direct sleeve printing getting close now that you have the new equipment? I’m soooo hoping to add sleeve designs to my apparel. TIA

I am eagerly waiting for development of front, back, and sleeve printing… not ‘all-over-print’. I just want the front design & back design in their normal dimensions as well as sleeve logos/designs.