Smallest line for vector and digital direct

I’ve read on the vector graphics help page that lines should be minimum 1.5 mm wide for flocking or flex. But what about Digital direct?

I see on the pixel graphics that it prints with 200 dpi. Can I assume the smallest allowed/usable line width to be 1/200 " in that case? (Or possibly a bit wider to not fall totally" between pixels")

Ahoy @Axalea,

if you want to upload a vectorfile it has to meet our requirements no matter if it is printed in DD or Flex lateron. So 1,5mm linewidth minimum is necessary!
If you want to create Designs with smaller details you can just convert your vectorfile into a png file before you upload it. This way you wont be able to change the colors lateron but on the other hand you can print very thin and filigree lines.

I hope this helps.

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I think, what Rico tries to tell is, „you can just convert your vectorfile into a png file“. :wink:

Thanks for the hint :wink:

Thanks for the quick answer! I will convert to PNG :slight_smile: