Spreadshop displays adress publicly

Hello! Spreadshop displays my name and adress publicly in the “company information” tab. How do I turn it off?

Well, as you are selling stuff online in the EU you must have Impressum/company information on your website. And as Spreadshirt is not responsible for the designs, you are and there has to be contact information, if somebody wants to contact you.

Nevertheless, you can adjust some parts of the Impressum.
In your dashboard, go to your shop, go to “generall” and there should be a Impressum/company information tab. There you can change at least some information you want or not want to share.

Thank you for answering!
But do you know what I can use instead of my home adress? I do not want any person breaking into my home.

You can use a P.O. box for example. But you have to pay for them. I don’t know anything else right now.
But seriously, as long as you are not “pissing off” people with your shop there should be no reason for you to be concerned. As for European law, you must provide a proper address to be held responsible if anything arises.