Still not migrated? (.dk / denmark)


So as the timeline indicates, I should already have been migrated? but i am not… It still says this:

What do I do ?

UPDATE: I think its beacuse that I haven’t had any sale since 2016. but how do I then close my shop? IO don’t want it public when i can’t access it…

It seems like you are using the North American Platform (at least your user ID indicated this). Please login here:

Thank you! I was able to login and delete my account.

but… it still did not have the effect I wanted to. It did not delete my old shop on the .dk domain: (This shop was made public due to the recent changes of spreadshirt - or thats what i think happened)

Do you know what platform this is on? and also what email is connected to it?

Please login here: with the e-mail address you can find here in the imprint of your shop:

You shop and Showroom have both been migrated - welcome to the upgraded partner area and let me know if you have any questions.