Suggestion : utilisé facilement les mockup manequin avec l'API


Ca serai bien de pouvoir utilisé facilement des mockup mannequin avec l’api >


Hi Genial_shirt,

if you don’t mind, I’ll answer you in english, as personally I can’t write french good enough :wink: Excusez-moi, s’il vous plaît.

You could request every design with a Mockup by requesting the image url. Sometimes you won’t get a result, because the combination is not possible, but, let me show you:,width=600,height=600,backgroundColor=FFFFFF,appearanceId=346,typeId=444,modelId=458,crop=list

The structure of the image url is always the same, productId, appearanceId, typeId and modelId. You have to play around a little to find the best combination. I did that for my WP-Spreadplugin (API Spreadshirt Shop), but for models and combinations there is no official documentation right now.


  • Women Hoodies
    – TypeId: 1047 fits to AppearanceId: 2 which fits to ModelID: 458
    – TypeId: 444 fits to AppearanceId: 251 which fits to ModelID: 464

  • Men Shirts
    – TypeId: 812 fits to AppearanceId: 231 which fits to ModelID: 103

For now, you need to create your own mapping of typeId, appearanceId and modelId. I can give you mine, but it won’t help you much further as its a special structure for my plugin :wink:

Maybe my post help you nevertheless. :pray: :v:


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Hello lovetee

Always there, :slight_smile: it’s a pleasure

Yes I know a bit, but the problem is that it’s up to us to find them that exists.

Especially since spreadshirt returns an image even if it does not exist.

Hard exploited in an automatic system.

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You’re right, my hopes are, that when the new API is gonna be released, they’ll also release some updated/extended docs. Lets see what Q1/2019 happens :slight_smile: