SVG doesn't work

Hello, I’ve followed the description to upload a SVG design in order to create a sweater with embroidery/stitch logo. Tweaked it a few times, but still the design doesn’t get accepted.

Can somebody help me out? :slight_smile:

If you use Illustrator, try to “downgrade” and upload a copy in file format AI CS5.

I’m using Affinity Designer. Unfortunately saving .AI files is not an option.

I think @Rico_Spreadshirt will find a way to help you.
Unfortunately you have to wait until Monday.

Ahoy everyone and a happy new year.

@User_EU-5491ce9f: I sent you a private message so that you can send me a link to your file to check it.
You mentioned that you want an embroidery print - so do you mean you want to upload your design as a customer in the Create Your Own Section? Or did you try to upload the design in your Partnerarea to sell it?
I’m asking because Embroidery is not available for Designers in Partnerarea yet. It is currently just an Option for Customers and we only provide Embroidery-Designs from our own intern account.
The process of Embroidery is way more complex than printing normal DD or Flex.
So maybe the issue is not about your design but the place where you tried to upload it.


Ahoy @User_EU-5491ce9f,

after a quick look into your file it was very clear what went wrong: your file is not a true vectorfile. It seems that you just imported a pixelfile into affinity designer and resaved it as svg. The added text still has an outline which makes the whole thing more complex. Additionally you also added a light shadow which also cant be printed. All in all you should carefully read our criterias for vectorfiles again and adapt your file.
To explain what I mean please have a look into the following 2 screenshots that I made from your file:

I know that creating true vectorfiles is not easy for everyone. So I would recommend to just export your file as png (but remove the shadow layer before) and print with DD instead of Embroidery.

Kind regards


Thank you for looking into it. I don’t understand totally what is going wrong. The whole logo has been created from the start in Affinity designer. Also if I take my source file (before exporting to SVG) I can zoom in 900 procent on a A0-size and still have sharp lines unlike you.

The text should also be only vector, I look into that.

We really want ebmroidery as it much more long lasting, and in our opinion also looks better.

I’ll try to reexport it again.