The New Commissionmodell


as you have surely noticed, we will introduce a new commission model this year at march 2nd to become more competitive on the one hand and more price transparent on the other.
You can find more detailed information in the blog and in the updated FAQs. We are aware that these are big changes for you, but at the same time this new model also offers new opportunities, especially in perspective of other products. We would like to ask you to give feedback in a constructive way and with the big picture in mind. Thanks a lot.

For any Shop related questions please contact our colleagues in the Shop forum:

Oh such a shame :frowning: Oh well… it was probably going to be time to move on after the end of the year, but guess that brings it forward.

Hi @ChilliFox,

I would really like to ask you to have a closer look in our design price overview table and your own statistics when it comes to marketplace bestsellers.

For the Men’s Premium T-Shirt you will still earn £3.00 for every eyample every Men’s Premium Hoodie £6.00. So we expect not so much of a change for most of our designers.

I still understand all of your concerns but I recommend to wait and see what will happend after the release of the new model. We are very positive that more traffic on our marketplace will also help our designers.

Hi Alex… looking now… will consider carefully.

sure sure. I understand that.

btw as an aside… seen the new shop pricing section in the shop user area (would post on spreadshirt forum but no thread is there and can’t do a new post for some reason )… am sure this is not final, but suggest it not being default non profit.

The shopforum moved. You will find it here:

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Hi Alex,
I have a few questions about these changes.
The new commission structure I quite understand for shops as you will be able to still mark-up your items as you please. However, will our shops still be able to take advantage of the Spreadshirt exposure on Google or will we be on our own totally to advertise and market our items?

I was reading whereas Spreadshirt plans to list our items also on Amazon and or Ebay. Will we have the option as designers to opt out of this?
I already have a shop on Ebay and this will cause me to be competing with you/myself for business and the fact Teespring tried this a few years ago on Amazon it turned out to be a disastrous dismal failure because Amazon allows other sellers to compete on the buy box plus the artwork theft was at an all time high as Chinese vendors stole the artwork and was reselling it for peanuts on Amazon. It was a FIASCO!
I sincerely hope you give us that option since Spreadshirt does not step-in to assist with any intellectual property theft issues but if you expose your designers unnecessarily and don’t give them the opportunity to opt out then Spreadshirt needs to be responsible for the DMCA take-downs whenever this happens because you didn’t give them the opportunity or permission to resell their artwork on other platforms. From my personal experience your legal dept. will be extremely busy and I know that whatever you pay them it’s not going to be a cheap proposition to pursue.

I would love to remain with Spreadshirt as this has been a win-win for both of us! As far as the Marketplace changes are concerned I think the commission rates you set are far too low and does not take into consideration popular designs that are great sellers which need to be set at higher commission rates for the designer/seller. In most cases, you didn’t even meet us half-way on this and I feel if a design is popular (for instance makes 25+ sales) then the designer should be rewarded with a higher commission rate on that design.

Thank-you for any answers you can provide because I am sitting on the fence as to whether or not I am going to remain here as a seller and these answers will assist me in making a decision.

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I will try to answer all of your questions and also I like to ask you to wait until the new model is roled out in march to make a well informed descision.

If you are a shopowner you will be in control of the pricing. Also and this is not changing you are responsible for all the traffic to your shop. This means you need to advertise your shop to sell. This will not change with the new model.

What is it exactly what you mean with:

Only for the Markteplace we do SEO and SEA. This is also why we will have a different commission model from march on. We never did that for the shops.

As I can see all your sales are coming from the marketplace. But if you are interested in the best tips and tricks as a shop owner I like to invite you to go to the spreadshop blog. There you can find an amazing Selling Guide.

The external Marketplaces should not be of any concern for you. It is not like every design is automatically sold there via Spreadshirt on Amazon and Ebay. We are selecting specific design for those external marketplaces. If you already sold there via our external marketplaces you would see this in your statistics under sales channels.

I really hope you stay with us and give it all a second thought. If there are any remaining open question please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Is it going to be £3 no matter what country it is sold in?

No it would depend on the country /domain.

As you can see there are different prices per country /domain.

Of course if you sell a design in Germany for example the price will be converted in you statistics.

Thanks, Alex. I did wonder when I saw that tab, but thought better to ask :slight_smile:

Hi @ChilliFox,
I immediately thought of you and your animals when I read the announcement. Your elaborate work is the exact opposite of what most people here earn their money with. How are you coping with the new commission?

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Hi Chrisbears… I have my concerns, mainly in the discounts (external markets, volume discounts and sales) impacting the income. It’s quite short notice too :wink:

How about yourself, we have similar themes?

Not really. My bestsellers are more or less qick shots that somehow fit the taste of the masses :slight_smile:
I’m still not sure what to think. Specializing on a few niches and keeping the elaborate stuff for my very own audience seems to be a possible future.

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Hey if it works it’s good :slight_smile: Your bears are v cool …

Yep you got to feel comfortable with how your stuff is sold. You can split shop designs and marketplace so it’s a good possibility to do that - interesting ideas :slight_smile: Lots to consider and weigh up for sure!

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If you look at the development in recent years, Spreadshirt also seems to be thinking in this direction. They keep the market with mass designs to themselves and offer designers the opportunity to fill a personal niche. But this is pure speculation. Not to be taken too seriously.
We’ll find out. One way or another. :slight_smile:

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Can you remove all designs just from the create tool? Considering options with regards to sales so this information would be useful.

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Hi @ChilliFox,
is this a request to remove the designs from CYO and just sell on the MP? Could also be that I just don´t get it :see_no_evil: sorry. So I´d rather ask.

Hi Alex, you got it right - just selling on MP and External MP rather than CYO… though am asking if it’s possible to weigh up options at this stage.

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