The visibility of our designs is worldwide or local?

I’m Giuseppe from Italy.
Few weeks ago I opened an account on, the platform where I regularly upload my designs.
I’ve just noticed that my designs don’t appear if I search for them on the sites of different countries BUT only on

My question is: the visibility of our designs is worldwide or limited to one country, Italy in my case?
Titles, descriptions and tags of my designs are all in English (as I usually do on the other platforms) and
now I have just a little doubt of why my selling is so poor :slight_smile:

Thank you and ciao,
Giuseppe, Italy

Ciao Guiseppe,

we offer international publishing if your designs are suitable. But only in EU markets.

The biggest missunderstanding here is, how you name, tag and describe your designs.
You need to do that in the language, your account is registred to otherwhise, the tool, that we are using for translation fails.

So even your designs have like an English phrase on it, you would need to use italian to fill in all the meta data in design description.

And if you want to publish to the US, Canada and Australia, you would need to create another account.

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Thank you so much for your reply.

About my published designs, everything I wrote is in English and now I have to translate those info in Italian
and my designs will be still on sale in all European countries, is that right? :slight_smile:

Thk u,

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Let me quickly check your Showroom for the different Marketplaces.


For and I can only find your designs if I search for them in English, but f.ex. no customer would do that.

So changing the description, title, etc. would be helpful. We can check again in a couple of days if everything works as supposed.


Thank you so much again :slight_smile:
I’m just translating my info from English into Italian.


Hi (ciao).

I’ve just completed the translation from English to Italian for all the titles, descriptions and, of course, tags of my published designs.
Following step, If I understood correctly, is that when I try to search my designs on the sites of the other European countries, I have to insert english keywords to find them, is it right? :slight_smile:

Moreover, if I want to sell in USA, I must create a new account on and re-upload all, is that correct? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind help.


:slight_smile: Hi,

no the search is always working with the offical language of the domain /country. --> you need to do your search in dutch

And yes, to sell in US, you need to open another account on and upload all your designs again.


precious and clear explanation. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

One last question: I noticed that some designs don’t appear on the sites of the other countries and I’d like to know the reason. Thank you :slight_smile:


P.S.: I don’t know why my username (Giuseppe or Josephoto23) doesn’t appear and it’s been replaced by the horrible User_EU-25xxxxxxxx :slight_smile:

There’s a synchronisation problem sometimes, you need to change your username quite a few times for it to stick :confused: We try to fix it…

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Ok, thk u :slight_smile:
In the Profile page (forum platform), the username field is locked and I can’t change it.


Hello, sorry to post on such an old thread. I am still new here.
I find the different markets & countries very confusing.
One of my ideas is aimed at expats of my own country, which mean they are scattered all over the world.
It seems there are 3 markets, each having many countries? (and those markets are visible across all the country websites in that market?)
Do I have to create a Spreadshop in each country, or in each market?
If I market my Spreadshop, do I then have to provide a different link for each country?

As you can see I don’t understand. Would I need to create a Spreadshirt account account in each of the 3 markets, and duplicate evertyhing? No link between those 3 markets?
But at least within one market, it is available to all the countries that are part of that market?

Is there an article somewhere that explains all this?


Ahoy @User_NA-c4132090,

we have 2 platforms: an EU platform and a NA platform. You created your shop-account on our NA-patform. Therefore all orders are fulfilled and delivered from our American factories. That means that european customers can theoretically order but the shipping costs will be very high cause the products are produced in te USA.
You need to create a second account for the EU platform, upload your content to this account as well and connect your two accounts via the partnerarea. Once the two shops are connected the customer will be reconnetcted automatically to the best fitting shop for his order.
You will find further information here:

For further questions please contact our colleagues from te dedicated shop-forum:

Thanks, I think I understand now, it is not so complicated.

So I can provide only one link for my spreadshop to customers anywhere (or maybe 2 links? .COM and .NET ) , and they would automatically be directed to his closest correct site for them and order from there?

Is there an easy way to copy the designs & products across directly?
I’m thinking if I do it manually, then the 2 markets could end up with different garment choices, different colour choices, and different spacing & sizing of the design on the garment.



Hey @User_NA-c4132090,

unfortunatly there is no other way than to publish it the same way again. At least you could use the template-feature so you dont have to adjust the size and color for all designs manually.