These designs can’t be combined. Please change your selection

I keep getting this error when trying to combine designs so that I an have multiple print areas for my products. It only works if i do two. Also when dragging the designs to a specific area i want it to be printed on, the selection go’s through. However when editing specific products it defaults back to front and back. So setting a design to left or right doesn’t actually work. PLEASE HELP.

Ahoy @iNkFaS,

could you please make some screenshots and give us some more details: on which producttype you want to use multiple printareas? What type of graphic do you use - vector or image? If we have some mor information it will be easier for us to help you.

I’m having the same problem.

Hey @User_NA-91fe0916,

now I know what the problem is:
for the left and right printareas only vectorfiles are accepted as we have some products where only flex-print is available on these sides.
If you upload your designs as vectorfiles (I would recommend svg) there should be no problem anymore.
Let me know if this works (and also if it didn’t)

Hi @Rico_Spreadshirt,

I converted the png files to svg online since I couldn’t find an svg save option on photoshop. However, when I upload them, it still gives me the same error.

Hey @User_NA-91fe0916,

you can’t just convert a png-file to a svg-file. Vectorfiles (such as ai. or svg-files) are completely different from pixelfiles (such as jpg or png). If you just convert it with an online-tool I guess the pixel-file is just embeded in the svg-file.
And the reason why there is no save as svg in photoshop is: photoshop is a pixel based imagesoftware.
Vectorfiles are created with special Vectorprograms like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or Affinity Designer.
For a first introduction of vector- and pixelfiles you can find some information here:

To sum it up - you need to create correct vector-files and upload them to be able to also use the left and right printareas. If you are not able, try to ask someone who knows how to do it.

I was able to make the designs in adobe illustrator and for some reason the designs are only showing a black shape instead of texts.

Hey @User_NA-91fe0916,

yeah - creating vectorfiles is slightly different then creating pixelfiles. It needs much more effort and knowledge.
When you create text in illustrator you also need to convert it into a path-object. Otherwise Illustrator would only save the textcontent and the information which font was used. But as it’s not guaranteed, that our system has the same fonts you have this method wouldn’t work. So by converting your text into a path object there should be no errors and problems.
There is one more thing you should be aware of:
If you want to save your file as ai-file please dont use the latest ai-version. There should be a saving option where you can chose to sacve as ai (CC Verstion).
And if you want to save your file as a svg-file Make sure, that CSS-information is embeded. So there should be an option to safe the CSS-information as “presentationattributes”

I know that sounds difficult but once you made it right you’ll get used to it.

thank you! I was able to fix that problem. I did everything as you said and it’s now showing, but when I try to put it on the sleeves, it still says “designs can’t be combined” …

Ahoy @User_NA-91fe0916

Could you send me your files via pm? I could check.

Sure! I just don’t know how to do that…

I have literally tried everything recommended and CANNOT for the life of me get anything on the sleeves WITH a front and back. I can do a front OR back with sleeves but cannot do all 4 sides.

Hey @Killer_Kimee,

I tried it by myself to combine 4 designs and it worked.
There are 2 things you have to pay attention to:

  1. designs on the sleeves can only be vectorfiles
  2. These vectorfiles have to have a minimum detailwidht of 1,5mm AFTER downscaling it to the very small printarea of the sleeves. So you should already create the vectorfiles on a small workspace and make sure that the smallest details are not smaller than 1,5mm