Two problems with the Marketplace

Hello, I have a couple of problems with the Marketplace. I have two Shops, one in the United States site of Spreadshirt and another in the Spanish site. The one in the US is working perfectly, the shop and the marketplace, but I have two problems with the Spanish version of the marketplace, let me explain.

When I access my shop-dashboard in my Spanish Spreadshirt control panel I see my current shop (eternal-warriors) which is working perfectly, and the Marketplace that shows a link to Activate it.

The thing is that I have already activated it, in several ocations, but each time I access the shop-dashboard it keeps showing me the same screen and keeps asking me to activate it. As I said, I have already activated it and I even customized it, you can see it by yourself here:

After I click the Activate button it does show me the link to my marketplace and everything seems to be working just fine.

But if I go to my designs, select any of them to add them to the marketplace, which I also have already did when I created the design it keeps showing me the message that you have to review the designs first.
It’s being several days already that I have uploaded the designs and they are still not showing in the marketplace (this is my second problem), not even after activating it again and everything. It seems that there is no way for me to have the marketplace working and show my designs there. I just keep in a loop activating my marketplace without any luck.

And when I click again on my shop-dashboard link to edit it, visit it or anything, it again shows me the link to activate the Marketplace as if I never did.

This only happens with the Spanish version of the Marketplace, in both of the browsers I used to test this, latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and I have the same designs in my both shops and in both Marketplaces, so I don’t think it would be a problem with my designs being inappropiate or anything.

If any of you have any idea of what could be the problem or any way to fix this just let me know.

Since I can add only an image and a link per post I’ll add more posts to show you my problem.

Here is a screenshot of my shop-dashboard AFTER I activated the Marketplace again and again:

As you can see it seems to be working just fine and even customized like I did.

This is what happens if I access and of my designs to see if it is showing it on the Marketplace AFTER I have already activated the Marketplace for a million times :stuck_out_tongue: and AFTER I selected the Marketplace too when I created the design.

As you can see it keeps showing me the message that you have to review the designs before allowing them into the Marketplace, and it’s being several days that I have uploaded the designs and they are still not showing. In the US version of Spreadshirt I have all my designs activated in the Marketplace in a matter of minutes, that’s why I can’t believe that you didn’t reviewed any of my uploaded designs yet.

And if I go back to the shop-dashboard section just to take a look at it and see if everything is working fine, it again shows me the screen of my first post, where I have to Activate the Marketplace again :frowning:

So any help regarding this issue would be much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Same problem here, marketplace keeps deactivating each time i activate it.

I have activated my showroom 5-6 times today, but now it seems like it finally stays activated.

But this is how some product pics look in my showroom:

I had the same problem yesterday but Today I was able to activate the marketplace. But there is another problem, normally I do at least one sale every day and now it’s been 5 days since my Last sale and the Dashboard doesn’t show any new sales. And for Last orders that are recorded, they’re still marked as New (and not as Delivered) and it’s been that way for a couple of days now.

We had some platform issues but it’s all sorted now :slight_smile: